At MulchWorx, you will receive professional support for all phases of your project: From consultation to maintenance, we will gladly take care of your concerns.


You can choose between a full planning or an individual consultation, between the sensible integration of existing elements or a completely new design. Our work always meets the highest quality requirements, and also includes fresh ideas.

Fast. Affordable. Efficient.

Blown-in Mulch Installation

The most uniform and precise application of mulch possible. Properties will look better and have a smooth finished look that you can't get with conventional methods. No big stock-piles of mulch in your driveway that might leave a stain. No heavy equipment leaving ruts in your lawn. Our trucks can blow mulch onto nearly any terrain and in tight spaces. (Blown-in mulch installation jobs are 10-yards or more.)


Mulch Distributor

We are a mulch distributor for Indiana and surrounding states based out of Fort Wayne. You can pick up from our 3-acre sales lot where we grind it and dye it ourselves at 4430 E Washington Blvd, or we can have our professional delivery trucks bring it to you. We have competitive prices based on yards, prevailing diesel rates and distance, and we offer licensed contractors a special discount.


Lawn Services

Blown-in Grass Seed

Through a process called terraseeding, we can quickly plant large (or small) areas of grass for you, pumped full of weed control and polymer to make it last.


Blown-in Rich Composted Soil

If you do choose to have your lawn installed with sod, consider MulchWorx for your pre-installation soil amendment. Our bedding will be close to or better than the soil that the sod was cut from at the farm, and compost holds more moisturized nutrients than clay. MulchWorx can inject its fertilizer and natural polymer into the soil to further stimulate the sod.


Other services

Erosion Control

We can help reduce and most oftentimes eliminate mud and erosion on high traffic areas such as construction job sites.



We can blow certified mulch into neighborhood and school playgrounds, even while in use.


Winter Services

We have a full line of heavy duty pick-up trucks equipped to handle the frigid temperatures, ice and heavy snow much better than your biggest shovel or snow blower! Let's face it, it feels great to know you have someone to call and rid you of all that snow in your driveway or lot. Don't hesitate to call, we'll be right over!

Are you a property manager?

  • Office Building and Property
  • Assisted Living Property
  • Neighborhood and Association Entries
  • Community Commons Area
  • Public Housing Property
  • Apartment Complex Property

We are happy to come by your property for a consultation.
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Are you a licensed contractor?

As an Indiana certified mulch distributor, we can provide quality grade mulches of natural and dyed colors to contractors for a discounted price. Whether you prefer we deliver to your job site or you pick up a load yourself, we've got you covered.
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