Lawn Installation & Renovation

A Process called Terraseeding

MulchWorx has the ability to install and renovate lawns with its unbelievably effective Terraseeding process. We can blow in composted soil with seed, fertilizer, and a natural polymer injected (planted) into it, and you will have one of the highest quality high-end lawns available today. MulchWorx is the answer to your landscape maintenance and lawn installation needs.


Blown-in Composted Soil (prior to sod installation)


The natural polymer holds 300 times its weight in water, binds the soil together, reduces wash out, reduces watering tremendously, and stays in the soil for up to eight years. This awesome method does what others cannot by creating a perfect seed bed incorporating seed to soil contact in a smooth one step blown-in process.


Fertilizer + Weed Control


Terraseeding is cheaper than sod and costs more than conventional seeding, but you are actually getting more for your money. With this technology you can have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood. Just water and enjoy.

More Benefits of Terraseeding

  • Seed is “planted” not sprayed on top thus reducing exposure to the elements and wildlife
  • Increases seed germination
  • Improves turf quality
  • Gives the lawn increased resistance to environmental stress
  • Blown-in process levels the terrain and grade with a smooth finished fortified soil
  • No big heavy equipment on lawn
  • Most jobs are completed in a few hours
  • Customer gets choice of seed selection
  • Increases organic matter in soil
  • Supplies plant nutrients and increases ability of soil to retain and release nutrients
  • Increases water holding capacity of soil
  • Improves turf root system


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